Becoming God's Compasisonate Response in Times of Economic Crisis

by Christine Sine

I have just been reading up on what others are saying in the Christian world about the financial crisis.  Some have me fuming as they suggest that this is God’s punishment for our greed.  Consequences for greed and corrunption yes but God’s punishment definitely not.  I do not believe that our loving caring God would ever deal out vengeful punishment that has more impact on the poor and the marginalized than it does on those who are responsible for much of the current situation.

Others are encouraging our compassionate response which I think is the greatest witness that followers of Christ can give at this time.

As you know MSA’s latest ezine addresses this issue and we want to continue to share with you creative examples of how we can respond:

In his lead article Recession Is Looming: How Can We Prepare? my husband Tom Sine explained

On September 7th, weeks before the US and numbers of other nations began to slide into this serious global recession, Mustard Seed Associates hosted our first ever Recession Preparedness Brainstorming Session in Seattle. We asked almost fifty friends to imagine creative ways we could more fully be the compassion of God in our communities during a possible worsening economic situation.  Read the entire article here

Here is how some other organizations are responding.

The Mennonite Weekly Review has a great article entitled Models of Courage in Economic Crisis

Sojourners is going to take up that challenge. In his excellant article A pastoral Strategy for Economic Crisis Jimm Wallis explains:

We want to turn the God’s Politics blog, SojoMail, and our Web site into Christian forums for a wide-ranging discussion and collective discernment of the issues of this economic crisis. We are already planning cover stories and articles for Sojourners magazine and a new Sojourners study guide on all of the above issues. We will be doing wider media messaging, interviews in television and radio, and op-eds in newspapers, while also making the economic crisis a focus of my own writing and speaking.

We too would like to post ideas of how we can continue to be God’s compasisonate response.  And we would love to hear from you.  What are you doing to reach out to others during this difficult time?

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