Help Make the Invisible Visible

by Christine Sine

Last night Dustin Cross who lives in the basement apartment at the Mustard Seed House came to see me.  He was very agitated because he had just returned from a meeting about the Nickelsville, the camp for homeless people built at 7115 West Marginal Way SW here in Seattle.  This camp is composed mainly of people who have lost jobs and housing because of the economic downturn.  Today Dustin will join with others in protesting the demolition that will occur in the next 48 hours.  Surely this is what Christianity is all about – becoming advocates for the marginalized and overlooked in our midst.  He would appreciate your prayers.  Here is the facebook message he sent me last night.

The mayor is going to demolish tent city “Nickelsville” and we need your help Thursday night or Friday morning! Put your faith in practice!

During the One Night Count of homeless in January 2008, it was found that almost 10000 were homeless in King County. With the economic downfall, these numbers are surging. The local shelters are ALL turning away people on a nightly basis and in record numbers.

To address these issues in Seattle, what has the mayor done? He has made it illegal to sleep in any public area! Public areas are being “swept”, where police go in and demolish and throw away everything. How would you like to lose your job and end up being homeless, on the streets with your family, and own nothing because all of your possessions have been trashed?

This is the story of many here at Nickelsville…

My friends, I am asking you to come show your support. Demolition has been scheduled for either Thursday afternoon after 5pm or at Friday morning around 8 or 9 am. We need people to come and stay either for a few hours or stay the night to show community support to the mayors office and the media. There are also tents available and crude framed housing if you want to stay the night.

Thursday we will be building housing for these people, if you can swing a hammer or even if you just want to be on national TV (inside edition is there!) please come. Please forward this info!


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