Breaking the Silence

by Christine Sine

As many of you know we have been away on Camano Island for our annual Celtic prayer reteat.  It was a great weekend though it rained Friday night which did dampen our enthusiasm a little.  (pardon the pun).  Anyhow I will share more on that later when I have had time to organize my photos & my thoughts.

In the midst of the chaos of getting ready for the event I was sworn in as an American citizen on Thursday afternoon.  I am not sure that I feel any different but here I am still an Australian but also an American – hope it does not make me feel schizophrenic.  Interestingly from what I have read I am one of a growing number of people who do not want to give up their country of birth when they move to another country either because of work or (like me) because of marriage.

Many in our increasingly mobile global society struggle with what it means to belong and to participate fully in society.  At the same time I am aware that there are many who will never be able to be full participants – refugees, displaced people and those hidden members of society the illegal aliens who are often treated like slaves.  As a non citizen I often felt vulnerable to the governing powers, how much more vulnerable must these people feel?  I was also frustrated by my inability to speak out some issues that I feel passionately about – How much more do these displaced and hidden members of our society feel vulnerable because they are denied a voice in society?    Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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