A Weekend to Remember and Forget

by Christine Sine

Well the weekend is over and it is one that I both enjoyed and hope I never have to repeat. Saturday morning we headed up to Camano Island to start preparations for our Celtic Prayer Retreat August 9th. Going up to the land, walking the prayer trails (now a little overgrown but still recognizable) and just generally soaking in the beauty of God’s good creation is one of the most relaxing things I know. Of course the fact that we were laying down gravel in some rather muddy patches on the road made it a little more busy than sometimes but it was a day well spent.
Shortly after we returned home, Ricci came down with their son Gabriel who had a high fever. I had just gotten him into a tub of cold water when he started to convulse. Now probably one in 20 kids have a febrile (fever induced) convulsion at some point in their lives but that does not help when it is you kid (or godson as is the case here). Even the fact that I have treated lots of these kids in my days in the emergency room at the hospital did not make it any easier.
So here is a good piece of advice for all parents of young children. If your child does have a febrile convulsion – get him cool (tepid water or fan or both) and lay him on his side on the floor then call 911. Chances are that the fit will not last long but since you don’t know it is good to get those emergency guys there as well.
That’s exactly what we did – got him wet and laid him on his side until the paramedics arrived – doesn’t sound spectacular but the most important thing is to make sure that he is breathing and that his tongue is not obstructing his air passages. The only thing extra that the paramedics did was to give him oxygen.
He is now doing fine and will probably never have this happen again but I know that all of us will be a little stressed every time he has a fever for a little while.
Sunday was another busy day – church in the morning and then the first BBQ of the season with some of the local young church planters – Karen Ward and Gareth, an intern from Britain, Ryan Marsh, Tim and Cote Soerens, Eric Likkel and his family and Penny Carrruthers and her family. It was a great time for food, fellowship and fun. I might be prejudiced but I think that Tom makes the best BBQ in Seattle.

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