Well, I am back in the garden & have been furiously trying to plant tomatoes before the plants get too root bound or die because of the record May temperatures here in Seattle.  Evidently I am part of a rapidly growing group of urbanites who have discovered that food not only tastes better straight from the garden but that it is cheaper, more nutritious and you don’t have to worry about what kinds of toxic chemicals have been sprayed on it.  And there is nothing that lifts my spirit quite as much as a couple of hours spent in the garden – it is a wonderful way to connect to our God who not only created all of life but who sustains all creation and whose glory is revealed through it.  there is nothing that gets a kid out of the grumps more quickly than getting out into the garden wither. Even apartment dwellers can grow a few vegetables in containers on a balcony or if nothing else is possible then under a grow light.   Would love to know how many of you have joined this green revolution.

Here is a great little Celtic prayer that affirms creation.

Our God, God of all men,

God of heaven & earth, seas & rivers,

God of sun & moon, of all the stars

God of high mountain & lowly valleys,

God over heaven & in heaven & under heaven.

He has a dwelling in heaven & earth & sea

And in all things that are in them

He inspires all things,

he quickens all things

He is over all things,

he supports all things.

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Christine Sine May 22, 2008 - 3:22 pm

This is great. I am always very encouraged by those who are creative in their gardening. Would love to get hold of those plans. Do you have the website? Also so encouraging about the teenagers. I have heard so many stories about how urban kids who have had little exposure to the earth and gardening are transformed by experiences like this that I would love to see someone do some research on the impact of gardening on behaviour.


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