The season of the church calendar after Pentecost is usually known as ordinary time not because it is dull and boring, but because it does not have a distinct theme such as the birth, death or resurrection of Christ. I prefer the less familiar term Kingdomtide reflecting the fact that this second half of the liturgical year focuses on the work of building God’s kingdom.

There is still much to celebrate as we move into the second half of the liturgical year – and like the Jews I love any excuse to celebrate – everything good and everything bad that has happened in my life or around the world.  During this season I like to focus my devotional times on the foundational elements of my faith that have not as yet been celebrated through the seasons of Christmas and Easter – God the creator and the call to steward creation, Christ and the call to be his incarnational presence to our broken world, the Holy Spirit who equips our lives for service, and God’s kingdom and the cloud of witnesses who have gone before me. I am actually working on a book of morning and evening prayers that focus on these themes.

This is a great time to start looking around at all that is happening and find ways to join in the celebrations of God – maybe by attending events that tap into the spirit of kingdomtide or by getting involved in ministry out into your neighbourhood or around the world that are building God’s kingdom and alleviating the pain and suffering of our sisters and brothers.

A good place to start is with the Viva Network’s World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk June 7 & 8. They have some great resources that you can download to help focus your prayers and educate yourself about the challenges that many children around the world face.

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