After the drought

by Christine Sine

I am sitting in Sydney at my brother’s place with the rain falling outside.  Tom & I have just returned from a wonderful week in Melbourne where we  were able to catch up on old friends and make some new ones as well.

I loved the Forge festival with Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi), Sally Morgenthaler, Mike Frost, Ray Simpson and others where 400 plus people gathered with lots of creative energy & discussion.  We had a particularly good discussion on co-housing.  There are many here in Australia that are looking for alternatives to the single family detached home.  (more on this later).

We have beed kept moving from meetings with the Evangelical Alliance to World Vision as well as catching up on friends Ev & gary Heard & Rob & Lois Kilpatrick.  We also visited one of the only 2 Baptist monasteries in the world – yes Baptist – complete with robes, incense and icons.  It was a very rich experience – wonderful hospitality and conversation that nourished our souls.

Wednesday we drove back to Sydney through a dry but beautiful Australia.  Scary to see the continuing results of 10 years of drought and wonder about the future of our plant in light of such problems.  Tom flies to Perth next Tuesday but I will be staying in Sydney to spend time with my family.   Wonderful to be back with them after 2 years away.  One of the struggles for all of us in this highly mobile society is how to stay connected to those we love.  Home is where the heart is they say but my heart is spread around the world

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