Coming to Australia

by Christine Sine

Tom & I will be in Australia April 6 – 26. I will mainly be there to visit my family but Tom will also be doing speaking at various events. Here is our tentative schedule.

Monday 7 Morling College – Baptist ministers – ‘New Conspirators’ (Mike Frost
Tuesday 8 ——–
Wednesday 9 3pm – Macquarie Christian Studies Institute – staff, faculty, board, uni student leaders – ‘New Conspirators’
Thursday 10 Driving from Sydney to Melbourne
Friday 11 Evangelical Alliance, Engage Project (Melbourne) – Social and Cultural Trends
Saturday 12 Forge Conference (Kim Hammond; Philip Hughes & Peter Brierly 2-5pm at Tracy Centre (Lausanne) (; Evening – dinner with 8th Day folk
Sunday 13 Forge Conference – attending?
Monday 14 Forge Conference – attending?; PM Solace group (Emerging Church) – 8pm
Tuesday 15 Morning free (Philip Hughes 1-2 hrs); Urban Seed (Gordon Preece; Dinner with Andrew Menzies (Allelon Project) et al
Wednesday 16 Driving from Melbourne to Sydney
Thursday 17 Evangelical Alliance, Engage Project (Sydney) – Social and Cultural Trends
Friday 18 ——–
Saturday 19 ——–
Sunday 20 Speaking am – Hornsby Baptist Church (church is basing its studies Living on Purpose) – followed by lunch; PM ‘Teleconference’ round table – Anabaptist Network (AAANZ)
Monday 21 Confronting the Powers – New Conspirators – TEAR/EA/AAANZ/World Vision 7pm
Tuesday 22 AM Tom flies to Perth; Afternoon – meet with Jarrod McKenna; Evening (TBC) – Newbigin group on your version of ‘public theology’
Wednesday 23 Jarrod McKenna
Thursday 24 Jarrod McKenna TBC
Friday 25 Jarrod McKenna TBC; PM Tom flies to Sydney
Saturday 26 ——-
TBC – To Be Confirmed

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