Living into the Resurrection

by Christine Sine

Yesterday we held a wonderful Easter celebration at the Mustard Seed House

Christ is Risen

Though the Easter season is over for those in the secular world and even for many in the church, for us it is just beginning.  The 40 days of the Easter season stretch until Pentecost.  As I have already mentioned this is the season for planting, growing and nourishing the seeds that God has planted in your own life as well as in the life of others.  For those of us who are keen gardeners (at least if you live in the Northern hemisphere) it is also the season for planting and growing in the garden too.

Over the next few weeks I want to highlight some of the seeds that I see that have been planted around me – lives and ministries that have flourished with the wonderful resurrection life of Christ.

Part of the privilege of my life is the opportunity to interact with many of God’s hidden resurrection people.  On Saturday Tom & I had the opportunity to celebrate their coming baby with one such couple – Melody & Gil George.  They are some of the most loving and giving people that I know – a true example of God’s resurrection life.  They work with the L’arche community in Tacoma and are always willing to come and help us and many others with computer glitches.  They have personally blessed us in many ways – Gil has been the computer techie at our last 2 conferences and has cooked wonderful Ethiopian food to help us celebrate God’s banquet feast. Melody makes wonderful homemade ice cream and is one of the keenest hikers I know.  She has opened my eyes to much of the beauty of Mt Rainier.

Mel & Gil

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