Advent II Homecoming – Let Your Kingdom Come

by Christine Sine

Our Advent Seed Sampler will be out at the end of the week & our focus this year is on Advent II homecoming.  Part of what we look forward to during Advent is the return of Christ and the coming of God’s kingdom in its fullness – a time when everything will be made new, made whole and restored.  I love this song by Tracy Howe that really captures a sense of anticipation of what that new kingdom will look like.  Spend some time listening to the lyrics and contemplating the images of restoration and renewal for which we all long as we look forward to the coming of Christ.

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Moses Kimonge Marabu February 11, 2008 - 11:29 am

Dear brotheren
Please pray kenya mercy and atorch from our Lord to the bothsides leaders who are settling down the problem.That has left many without parents,homes,house,land,food,cloths and moms have been raped and also children starving both of having no claen water for drinking
we are praying you give us your sincere love and heart of praying to safe our country.
Also brotheren we are asking that you consider affiliating us in your ministry and send us your teaching materials and also come one time and teach us of the word of God.
Hope you will consider praying for us
Yours in Him pastor moses k.

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