Making Movies, Making Shortbread

by Christine Sine

This has been quite a week with a high learning curve. When I started receiving requests for my Advent video a couple of weeks ago I was suddenly plunged into the legalities & intricacies of media production. Now I know all about sychronization licenses, ftp files & the difference between NTSC & PAL. I have made new friends in NZ, Britain Canada & the US as we have struggled together to work through my inadequacies. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me and am very grateful to the friends that have allowed me to pester them as I slowly moved forward. It has been a fun journey (yes I do enjoy all this tech stuff).

Now the week is over & I am indulging myself with one of those fun things that always make me feel Christmas is coming – I have just made my first batch of Scottish shortbread using the recipe passed down from my Scottish grandmother. Now she would probably not have made shortbread until New Year but being a little impatient I just could not wait that long & I know that my friends who only come visiting at this time of year, would not wait either.

Memories and traditions are both very important at this time of year & this is one that though not explicitly “spiritual” is one rhythm of life that always gives me a wonderful sense of connectedness – to God and particularly to those who have gone before me. It also provides a very special connection as to my mother who made shortbread every Christmas throughout my childhood & who is now half a world away in Australia.

Maintaining our spirituality is not just about reading the bible & praying it is also about rhythms like this that provide important anchors for our lives. What traditions do that for you at this time of year?

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