The Toxicity of EveryDay Products

by Christine Sine

I have just been browsing through the latest edition of Alternet and environmental ezine that often has fascinating though at times decidedly anti Christian articles that relate to the environment.  I appreciate its viewpoints because often it gives me insights as to why so many environmentalists are anti Christian. (though that is worthy of another article)

The article that caught my attention in this issue was The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products in which the author looks at the contrast between regulations in the US and in Europe for the labelling of products.  Concerning stuff that only reinforces the research I have done myself that suggests cleaning products, toys, and even processed food stuffs all contain toxic chemicals.  All of us are concerned today about what comes out of China but maybe we should be jsut as concerned about what is produced closer to home.

While I was reading this article the sidebar reference to another article The Stone Age Diet: Why I Eat Like A Caveman caught my attention.  I am convinced that there is a diet out that rationalizes the eating habits of every food fanatic but this one is definitely one of the most interesting I have come across for a while.  Unfortunately one of the strong advocates recently had a heart attack but he blamed that on all the broccoli his mother made him eat as a child…. hmmm! not too sure about that.

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