A Memorable Weekend

by Christine Sine

Scott, Rich & CherylThis last weekend Tom and I drove down to Newberg Oregon for graduation at George Fox University. It was a memborable event as Scott Mackey, son of my best friend Cheryl was graduating. We stayed with other good friends Ruth & Dana Austen. Cheryl, Ruth and I roomed together when I first joined the mercy ship Anastasis in 1981. This is friendship is one of the most important in my life. It has grown and strengthened over the years as we have shared life together through good times and through hard places. It was very meaningful to all be together for this important transition celebration in Scott’s life and as I love to remind Scot I have known him since before he was born.

Taking time for good celebrations like these is probably one of the most valuable accomplishments of our lives yet so often in this culture of disposable relationships we let them slip by without a murmur. Jesus placed so much emphasis on friendships and community. He spent more time together with his disciples than he did healing the sick and preaching the good news. And they did not just work and minister together. They spent much time in fun food and fellowship. My friendship with Ruth and Cheryl has been like that. We have helped each other grow and mature in our love for God and our commitment to God’s purposes. What greater thing could one accomplish in life? Ruth and Dana Austin

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