Palm Sunday Reflections

by Christine Sine


This last Sunday our pastor Carla Pryne gave an incredibly powerful sermon about Palm Sunday and I wanted to share some of her thoughts.  She quoted from Thomas Aquinas “The universe is made not of atoms but of stories” then told the story of a family who were imprisoned in Morocco for 20 years.  The author, Mellita,  gave the children, one of whom was only 3 when they were imprisoned, hope by making up a story about the world outside.  “It was this story that kept us alive” the Mellita comments.

Carla then went on to elaborate about the great story of God which keeps us alive because it brings all of us hope and salvation in the midst of the many horrors that fill our world.  She reminded us that this story helps us to hold fast to what we know is true.  Without the great story of Easter the horror of human suffering would be unbearable but because of the suffering of God a new order could be born.  As the scriptures affirm “By his wounds we are healed.”

The power of Easter is that God’s story frees us from the prisons of our lives – the prisons of pain and suffering over which we have no control as well as from those which we have created ourselves.  The death and resurrection of Christ frees us to live in love, in wonder and in praise.

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Personalized Easter Baskets For Kids March 6, 2011 - 11:50 am

This is the promise that He hath promised us, even eternal life. Bible, 1 John


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